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Activities available on site:

  • Snorkeling in front of the house. You can see colorful fishes from the beach in front of the house. We have masks and snorkels at your disposal.
  • Badminton: The garden is really big. We have badminton set at your disposal.
  • Filipino Billiards: There are no balls but shovels, same result, it is good fun!
  • Walk to the Agta village ( 10 mn)
  • Scooter for rent: We can rent one of our scooters with semi-automatic speed to move freely on the island. (800 P /day)

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Activities available in Polillo Island:

  • Island hopping: Discover the others Polillo islands:
    The islands of Polillo is an island archipelago of which the largest is pulong Polillo, where you stay. From the small port of Agta we can organize an island hopping day in order to visit the other islands like:

    • Pullong Kukok: It is the closest island to the beach of Agta and the smallest; it’s kind of a sandbar with a big stones on it. The locals see a rock in the shape of a chicken, that’s why they call it Pulong Ku-Kok (island cot cot!)
    • Anilon Island: This beautiful island of clear yellow sand with its famous arch. You can swim inside the arch that has been formed by the sea.
    • Minasawa Bird Sanctuary Island: This island has been selected by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to protect rare species of Polillo birds such as the Imperial Walnut Pigeon, Night Rufus Heron, Black naped Oriole, Amusling and Swifts.
    • And other islands…


  • Walk from Agta to Polillo (3 hours, 14 kms), visit a copra harvesting farm, Buko juice on site, lunch in Polillo, visit the market and the peaceful village, back by tricycle (local tuktuk).  From the house you follow the sandy road, crossing the villages on the way. You will see the local Polillo life, there are very few cars, only motorcycles that pass from time to time.
  • Visit Burdeos (Bordeaux) by scooter: This journey can take 3 hours by scooter. The road is only half-cemented which is the case on the island anywhere you go. We can organize this tour for you.
  • Visit Burdeos by mountain bike: Same trip but it takes the whole day ! We can organize depending on the number of persons.
  • Trek to Mount Malulud: Mount Malulud is the highest hill in Polillo Island( 350 meters high) From the top, you can admire the view of the sea at 360 degrees, but this has a price. It will take you 3 to 4 hours trek on steep dirt path.
  • Bato Beach: A few hundred meters from the house, it is a very nice sand beach where you will find the pillars of a port that should have been built and that has never been completed. The beach is known for being able to bathe easily, as there are no rocks in the water.

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Activities availability notes: The activities will be organized depending on different parameters such as: The weather conditions, the hability of the ghests for the specific activity, the limited availability of equipments and animals (Horses, bikes, motorbikes). The activity may change of location, day or type depending on these parameters. We reserve the right to modify or cancel them at the last minute in order to preserve the best experiences and safety conditions for our Ghests.

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