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Kalubakis, Polillo, Quezon, Philippines
+639 27 512 6660
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How to get here

From Manilla ( Night trip advised)
The best way to go there is by night trip to avoid Manila great traffic jams. But is is also possible to travel early morning. Agta beach house is 6 hours trip from Manila door to door:

  • 4 hours road to Real/Infanta
  • 2 hours boat to Polillo Island
  • 40 mn to the Agta house

How to go there:

  • Take a Raymond Bus or a van (Just outside the bus station) at the Raymond Bus station Llegarda Sampaloc around midnight ( 12PM), going to Real Ungos Port: 200 pesos per person
  • Alternative: We can also organize a private van that will pick you up directly to your home or hotel and will drop you to the Real Ungos Pier.
  • You will reach Real Ungos Port around 4 am
  • You take the first boat trip going to Polillo at 5 am ( 200 pesos per persons)
  • You will reach Polillo around 7 am
  • We will pick you up at the pier and drive you at the Agta Beach House

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